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This project is the renovation of the existing fieldhouse at Wossman High School into a new School Based Health Center.  The existing fieldhouse is a one-story building with exterior load bearing masonry walls, steel joist, metal deck with a low slope roof.  Some of the existing non-load bearing interior partitions are being removed so the interior layout of the SBHC can be constructed.  New non-load bearing interior partitions of metal studs and gypsum board, new interior doors, new ceilings with new light fixtures and new flooring will define the SBHC rooms.  The exterior elevations are being modified with design elements defining the entrances.  The entire building is being re-skinned with an exterior insulation finishing system (EIFS) and all exterior doors are being replaced with new hollow metal doors and frames.  An outdoor seating area and sidewalk design will add to the user friendliness of the SBHC.  The existing mechanical, electrical and plumbing are being revised to add to the functionality of the SBHC.  A gathering space with a landscape area and fountain is near the new exterior entrance on the east elevation of the building.

Project Facts
Client                Monroe City Schools
Location           Monroe, Louisiana
Status               under construction


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